"The Belgium based company Reprocover has developed, after several years of R&D, a unique recycling process, that enables it to turn waste of (composite) thermosetting plastics, such as polyesters, Bakelite, epoxy, polyurethane, ..., and waste of fibreglass into a new raw material."

't Kniphuisje

Corporate identity for hairdressing salon "'t Kniphuisje".

Sunset Party

The Sunset Party was a party to promote a brand new cocktail, in collaboration with a local radio station. The party took place at the pier of Blankenberge and was broadcast live on local radio. These are the poster, flyer and ticket.

De Port-A-Cath

Design commissioned by the UZ Ghent. The brochure is designed to inform parents of young cancer patients about the Port-A-Cath. The Port-A-Cath is a port catheter that is used in intensive intravenous therapy. The presence of a Port-A-Cath prevents repeated injections in peripheral veins at the height of the arms, feet and hands.