"The Belgium based company Reprocover has developed, after several years of R&D, a unique recycling process, that enables it to turn waste of (composite) thermosetting plastics, such as polyesters, Bakelite, epoxy, polyurethane, ..., and waste of fibreglass into a new raw material."

Duitse herders vom grünen Alfene

A website for a kennel located in Aalter, Belgium. The website is based on Drupal, a flexible and user friendly CMS system.

Kazou Sint-Michielsbond - Website

A website for Kazou Sint-Michielsbond. This site is designed for internal communication. The website is fully interactive with private messaging and different user groups, each with its own administrator and permissions. Furthermore, there is a shoutbox and an interactive photo album composed of different, configurable levels.
This project has been developed in collaboration with Simon Dooms.